So You Want A Dog Gone Good Puppy Dog?

Dog Gone Good

Dog Gone Good

We are here to help. At A Dog Gone Good School of Dog Training, our goal is to teach you how to RAISE A DOG THAT’S EASY TO LIVE WITH.

We offer behavioral consultations, private lessons, small group instruction, and classes in K9 Nose Work® for pet dogs of all ages. Only humane, dog-friendly training techniques are used. We believe it is NOT necessary to inflict pain, stress, or fear in a dog in order to train it. Training should be an enjoyable activity for you and your dog.

Group instruction addresses most behaviors that you would want in a well-behaved dog. One-on-one sessions are catered to the individual, scheduled for your convenience, and deal with any and all issues you want to address concerning your dog.

K9 Nose Work® is a new game that develops your dog’s ability to find things with his nose. Isn’t that what he was born to do? It’s based on the work of search and rescue dogs. It’s great mental stimulation for your dog, and wears him out! Any dog over 4 months old who is mobile can participate. Check out our new K9 Nose Work® Class!

                                                                     It’s the most fun your dog will have with his nose.